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The end of a beautiful journey!

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Oh friends, remember two weeks ago when I made the announcement that I would be shutting down my little Etsy Shop for the fun wood signs we've been creating over the past few months? I had said that there was going to be a second announcement but I wasn't quite ready to make it yet. Many of you have been thinking that we were adopting another baby. Well.....that's not the announcement.  
The announcement is that we have officially closed our photography business, Tira J Photography.  
We've been scaling back for the past year and have found that we LOVE being parents more than running any type of business at this point in our lives. John is our number one priority right now during these pivotal years and I think most parents would agree, that if you have the opportunity to get more time with your children, do it! We will ALWAYS be photographers, just not be in the business of photography. We sincerely appreciate ALL of our amazing clients who trusted us over the past 10 years to create beautiful and lasting memories for their families. We appreciate ALL of the photographers whom we have learned from, worked with and become great friends with. We appreciate ALL of the incredible vendors we have worked with over the years. Without you, our clients wouldn't have beautiful portraits on their walls and in their hands. Most of all, we appreciate our family and close friends who have been with us during their entire journey and have loved us along the way. Thank you!  
So.....what does that mean for this website? We will keep this website running so you can come back to see your images on the blog and I will share the few sessions I do throughout the year. I've created a brand new blog over here and will be updating that more often. There I will also be sharing a lot of small business tips, photographer resources, our fertility and adoption journey and DIY projects. I cried for a few days after I sent in the official paperwork work, but I know that God has bigger plans for me and for our family.  
If you are looking for an amazing family, child and teen photographer here in Southern California, please contact our friend and photographer, Laura Watson. The image above is from our second session with her and she is so talented! If we didn't trust her, we wouldn't refer you to her! And speaking about God having bigger plans, I'll share more about "Our Laura" on my new blog soon.  
I will always be Tira J and will always be a photographer.  
Tira J Young
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