Oct. 3, 2015 Our Life

Time is valuable!

I woke up this morning and did a mental recap of yesterday and how I spent my time. I am a fairly new Stay at Home Mom or SAHM and a Work at Home Mom or WAHM and really enjoy spending time with our little guy and being there for my hard working husband! These times are so precious to us and we wouldn't trade them for anything. NOTHING! After all David and I have been through in order to be blessed with a family, I've joked at times saying, "I don't want to screw this up and miss a thing". Actually, that's not a joke at all! I'm serious!  
One of the main reasons I am in the process of stepping away from the photography industry is to spend more time with John. I have found a new creative outlet over the past few months and that is to be a sign maker and bless peoples home with beautiful handmade wood signs. If you aren't sure what I'm talking about, go check out my ETSY Shop | Naptime Blessings. I am able to stay at home with John, not be locked in front of my computer ALL the time and still help out with the household finances. And, I do most of my sign making and crafting while John is sleeping, hence the new name of the shop and blog. 
I know, you are wondering where I'm going with all of this. I did say that I was going to participate in the Blogtober Challenge and blog for all 31 days of October. But you see, blogging takes a LOT of TIME! I absolutely love blogging and will definitely continue, but I just cannot commit to doing it for 31 days straight. Time with my family and friends, especially John is so valuable! I just can't blog on the weekend like I'm doing right now because I'm missing out on life! Of course, I could stay up to all hours of the night and blog, but I need my sleep! I truly admire the people who are part of the Blogtober Challenge! I say go for it, but don't let it take over your lives and cause you to miss out on precious time with your family and loved ones. I'm glad that I have this platform to share my thoughts with you!  
Have a beautiful weekend!!! xoxo 
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