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Blogtober Challenge: Day 2 My favorite quote

I'm a little late with this post for the second day of Blogtober, but I'm trying to get back into the swing of blogging! Whew! And have I mentioned that a baby getting a molar is kind of stressful? Whew!  
For today, many of us that are a part of this challenge are sharing our favorite quotes. I love quotes, scriptures, or anything I can remember that will encourage me over time. While I was working at Azusa Pacific University, I was exposed to StrengthsQuest If you haven't heard of StrengthsQuest, you will need to check it out. I'll do a longer more detailed post about SQ soon and then share my strengths with you. To sum it up, there are may tests, instruments out there that want to find what's wrong with you. SQ is all about finding out what is right with you and how can live a more fulfilling life with those around you.  
Dr. Edward "Chip" Anderson was one of the masterminds behind SQ and my most favorite quote is from him.  
"To pursue excellence, one must study excellence."  
What are some of your favorite quotes or scriptures that encourage you in your daily lives?  
Share below in the comment box.
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