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My helpers | Letting your little clients help you!

There is no doubt, I love my job and I LOVE everyone who steps in front of my camera. I love creating images that are full of love, joy and tons of laughter on a daily basis, but in the past, there were times where I would come home just physically exhausted from carrying everything. Doing on location custom portrait photography for families and children can sometimes be a lot of physical work. A LOT! Before I invested in this lovely cart. I was asking my clients to help me drag all sorts of props, blankets, and assorted toys across fields, sand, streets, etc. We were all tired!!! Sorry friends!  
So now, I bring my trusty cart along to all of my on location sessions that are outside of my home studio. Best investment ever! I actually purchased this cart last summer at Costco. Not only were we all able to be pretty much hands free except for me with my camera, all of my little clients want to pull the wagon to our next special spot. It must be a little boy thing, because lately, ALL of my little boys have wanted to pull Miss Tira's orange cart. Even a 2 1/2 year old.  
Asking your little clients to help you out, gives them a sense of responsibility and makes them feel sort of grown up. Most of the time, I never have to ask, as they are always offering to pull the wagon, carry a blanket and even carry chairs and stools. Sometimes I have to take things out of the wagon so everyone has something to carry. FUN!!! I love my helpers!  
Next time you are doing a family portrait session with younger kiddos, see if they want to help you out. They will LOVE IT!  
The image below is of our little "nephew" Joey who insisted on managing the cart the entire afternoon. More coming soon!
I've got this Auntie!
Our little pal Lincoln would not let me start the session until he could pull the cart!
Finally, our cutie Aaron who is only 2 1/2 insisted that he pull the cart. He's strong!
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