May. 13, 2014 Photography Client Work

solia + aidan + vanessa

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Ah! I love this session so much! I loved that I had the opportunity to photograph my sweet friend Vanessa from high school with her incredibly awesome kiddos, Solia and Aidan. Vanessa is an incredibly strong woman and mom who is fighting breast cancer and she has been so brave over the past 7 months. So brave that she wanted to document the love she has for her kiddos with her beautiful shaved head and her wig. We had such a fun time during the entire session, laughing hysterically, hugs so tight you could feel the love they each have for one another and running free through the fields in the warm Southern California sun.  
Thank you Vanessa for giving me the opportunity to photograph you with your beautiful children. You are one heck of a warrior and we love you very much! I can't wait for you to see the rest of the images. Hugs, Tira J!
Love the final image!
Because we love Vanessa and her kiddos so much, we will be donating a portion of our session fees to Vanessa's fund for all portrait sessions reserved for June, July and the beginning of August. Sessions must take place prior to August 15th. Click here to reserve your family portrait session.
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