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Victoria | The World Race

I’m so excited to share more images of our new friend Victoria. She is a beautiful young woman that I’ve been sharing bits and pieces about and now you finally get to know more of her story and how you can help her.  
I met Victoria through some mutual friends and when I heard about how she wanted to see the world, travel to 11 countries and do good, I wanted to know more. Of course, I had heard a lot of her story via her Mom who at the time, wasn’t sold on her daughter leaving home for 9 months to go to remote places in this crazy world. Victoria and I set up a coffee date so we could get to know each other and it was then that I wanted to help her meet her fundraising goal to fulfill her dreams of serving the Lord while on a World Race Adventure Mission. Through a lot of prayer, she waited for confirmation that this is something she should be doing. While Victoria is traveling to the 11 countries, she will be working with orphans, prostitutes, digging wells and a lot of other things to help communities in need. Victoria is most nervous about being gone for so long, as she leaves in September and doesn’t return until July 2015. She said, “Life doesn’t just stop here while I’m gone.” I must say, I wish I had just one ounce of bravery that Victoria has. She is going to take a break from college to go on this trip of a lifetime and when she returns, she hopes to be accepted into the School of Nursing program at Azusa Pacific University
Now, on to how you can help Victoria! When I shared with Victoria that I wanted to take some pictures of her for her blog and other fundraising opportunities, it wasn’t just a few snap shots. I wanted to show all of you how beautiful this brave young soul really is. She has a heart of gold, a desire to share more about Christ and it truly shows through these images. We had a great time together and I was able to get some images of she and her brother together as well, because not only did Mom want some, but because Victoria and her “Bro” are best friends. Something they can both hang on to while Victoria is on her mission trip.
Victoria needs to raise over $16,000 for her trip, so she already has a few things set up to be on her way to the goal. One of the awesome things she is doing is that she is creating beautiful mugs with scripture verses or quotes on them just for you and is selling them for $15.00. All of the funds that Victoria raises will go directly to her for the trip. Below are a few of the mugs she has already created, including one for me! Which I love because it has my life verse, Galatians 2:20 on it.  
If you are on Instagram, you can follow Victoria at @VictoriasWR
I'm so glad that our friend Marlene who also did Victoria's makeup encouraged her to make this great sign! It added a lot of personality to the images.
One of the major purchases Victoria needed to make for her trip was this incredible backpack from REI. So glad she brought it to the session!
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