Apr. 9, 2014 Whip It Up Wednesday

Whip It Up Wednesday: Deb's Carnitas

Yummy! I made this delicious carnitas recipe a few weeks back and wanted to share it here on the blog! A lot of my blog and website updates are almost complete so I'll be posting 4-5 days a week!  
We first had our friend Deb's carnitas almost 2 years ago when we were up in Montana for Deborah & Scotty's Wedding. Everyone fell in love with the carnitas and pretty much demanded the recipe. We've made it a few times since and wanted to let y'all know about it.
1 Onion (chopped in chunks) 
1 bunch of cilantro chopped 
4-5 Tablespoons of pre-minced fresh garlic or one entire bulb of fresh garlic minced (which is what we prefer to use) 
3 fresh jalapeƱos chopped  
1 Tablespoon of Pepper 
1 Tablespoon of Salt (add extra salt as needed or desired. The 7-up tends to make it a bit sweet. 
1/2 tsp cumin 
1/2 garlic salt to taste 
1/2 Tablespoon of Paprika 
1 can or 20ox of regular 7-up (not diet, not sprite) 
1 Package of Pork Loin from Costco or a 4 lb. pork loin. *Costco sells the pork loin in a two pack and inside the pack pictured above, there are two large pieces.  
*If your roast is over 4 or 5 lbs, use the 20oz bottle 
*Make sure you remove the seeds and the membrane from the jalapeno, otherwise your mouth will be on fire. Just speaking from experience.  
*Cook on high for at least 8 hours in crock post and it should easily shred.
There are a lot of different things you can serve with this recipe. In our house, we like to shred the pork and then make tacos and also serve a side of spanish rice and black beans.
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