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She Reads Truth: Jonah (2-week study)

I'm so excited about this!  
I've never read the book of Jonah in its entirety and now I will get to, with an amazing group of women all over the world! You can join us starting tomorrow, March 18th for the 2-week study through the book of Jonah. Just head on over to the She Reads Truth website to check it out.  
And, to give you a heads up, I'm not converting my blog into a "Bible Thumping" blog. This is still a photography blog where I will share images from recent sessions, posts about business, marketing, products, etc. But, I am going to be sharing more about our life and the things we love. Loving Jesus and reading the Gospel just happens to be at the top of that list!  
So, when you are navigating through the blog posts going forward, the ones that are "tagged" She Shares Truth will be posts about scriptures that I've read and what it means to me and my life. The blog posts that are "tagged" She Reads Truth are letting you know about devotionals and scriptures I'm reading, praying about, etc. Or, you can always click on the"Devotionals Tag" to pull them all up. I'll blog more about the tagging system soon.
A rebellious prophet and a really big fish. 
A sinful city and a shocking pardon. 
Repentance and mercy – a whole lotta mercy.
~ She Reads Truth
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