Mar. 4, 2014 Our Life

Checking In Vol. 26 Gravity, Spring Blooms and Prayers

Well, here we are in March already! This past weekend we had a torrential rain storm, which was much needed by the way, but we didn't need a years worth of rain in 48 hours. Yes, you read that right. We got that much rain! So when the Today Show's first story on Friday morning was about the rain in Southern California, you know it's a big deal. Okay, enough about our rain.
Enjoying: Spring! Well, technically it's not really Spring yet, but since we haven't really had a Winter here in So Cal, we'll just skip ahead. And, all of the blooms are coming out, just as our completely confused peach tree is telling us in the image above. Poor guy! He normally doesn't bloom until mid to late March. Let's hope he delivers lots of peaches. 
Watching (ed): Sunday night, David and I finally watched the movie Gravity with Sandra Bullock. Well, we have some mixed reviews about it. It was a very well done movie from the technical perspective and the cinematography was incredible. But from the realistic perspective, I guess we compared it to the movies Apollo 13 and Armageddon, which were both very well done. Don't get me wrong, Sandra Bullock did an incredible job in this movie and the movie itself won 7 Oscars. And, I wish the beginning and/or the end would have been a little different. Just so we could have gotten to know her character a little better. 
Currently Reading (ed): David and I are taking an 11 week Doctrine class at our church, so we are both reading Wayne Grudem's book Bible Doctrine. This is an excellent, yet intense book about systematic theology and we are extremely thankful that we have the opportunity to take this course as I never got to take a theology course while at APU. I've also been reading all about blogging. More on that soon.  
Looking forward to: Having coffee this morning with a young woman who is going on the journey of a lifetime. You are going to want to keep coming back to learn more about her. 
Thankful for: Daylight Savings Time! Yes! It's happening this weekend!  
Listening to: Lately, I've been listening to the Civil Wars album titled Civil Wars. You can find it here in iTunes. Their music and voices are incredible and there is something about them that is so calming and romantic.  
Praying for: Jeremy Cowart and his family. Jeremy is an incredible photographer whose brother Mike unexpectedly passed away from a heart attack a few days ago. You can help support the Cowart family by purchasing his brother's EP for $5.00. All of the proceeds will go into a fund for Mike's children. We Jeremy said on Facebook, "Tomorrow is just never guaranteed so please do us a favor and hug your loved ones today." Our industry always does a great job at loving on ones in need, so let's continue to do so.  
Have a beautiful day!  
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