Jan. 6, 2014 101 in 1001, Our Life

Checking In Vol. XXIV - Free Beth Moore Books, Giving Back & Blogging

Welcome to 2014! Christmas break is officially over. The kids (our friends kids) all went back to school and the parents have let out a huge sigh of relief and welcome some alone time between the hours of 8 a.m. and 2 p.m. We had a great Christmas break minus the yucky sinus infection I caught. Just finished taking the last antibiotic so cheers to the New Year and feeling better!  
Enjoying: The sunshine, warm temps in January and the beautiful blue skies. Wow, it doesn't get much better than that.  
Watching (ed): What else is there to watch other than Downton Abbey? It finally returned last night for season 4 and I am thrilled!  
Currently Reading (ed): Wow! Lots of reading to get done! Speaking of reading, I've got a sweet treat for fans of Beth Moore I found this on Facebook last night and thought I would also share here. You can download 16 of Beth Moore's books completely FREE to your e-reader from now until January 10th. And you can also get two free tracks from Coty Sloan. CLICK HERE TO GET THE BOOKS AND TRACKS. I follow Beth on Twitter and here are some of the things she has said about the free e-books. "Y'all. Honestly. This free ebook thing has been 1 of the most exhilarating things God has ever let me do in ministry". Another tweet said, "Pray with me that the materials circulate most prominently among people less reached and less disciplined". Amen Beth!  
Looking forward to: Sharing about the giving back project we worked on during the Christmas season and for updating my 101 things in 1001 days project, which includes BLOGGING! I'm trying my best to blog Monday through Friday, even if it doesn't include a picture, it's the thought and the effort that counts.  
Thankful for: My husband David who works so incredibly hard.  
Listening to: The leaves rustling outside. They keep saying some Santa Ana or Santana winds should be coming, but the wind never picks up here in these parts. I love the wind, just as long as it's nothing like a few years back when tons of trees in the neighborhood I grew up in went down.  
Praying for: A number of people at our church that are fighting cancer. Praying that their bodies would be healed completely.  
Below is a little sneak peek of the kiddos who were part of our Giving Back project from December. More details from that coming soon!  
Happy Monday!
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