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The Bridges Calendar Project

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Hard to believe we are finally here! Here to share our "summer project" with the world!  
Last year, I was asked if I would assist the Assure Pregnancy Clinic and Bridges Parenting Program with one of their annual fundraisers. At that time, we had suffered a pretty major loss and needed our hearts to heal. Fast forward to this past Spring, I was asked again and I said yes! I said yes to help raise money for one of the most awesome parenting programs in the Inland Empire and San Gabriel Valley areas and because I wanted to give back in my own community. There are so many needs that can be met right in our own back yard.  
Over the course of the summer, I photographed 19 absolutely beautiful and incredible mother's, fathers and their sweet little ones for this calendar. Each of them touched my life in ways that I could never imagine. God has the ultimate plan for all of us and I know that it is because of HIM, the Assure Pregnancy Clinic and the Bridges Parenting Program that all of these little ones are here. Never in a million years would I have thought of giving hundreds of hours of my time for a project would completely rock my world. You see, I am a firm believer that the number one thing we can give any human being is our TIME. Spending time with all of these families, capturing their lives with my camera, hearing their stories, giving them images to treasure forever and walking through life with them is something that I would do over and over again.  
I am please to present to you, the 2014 Bridges Calendar: Unexpected Blessings.  
A calendar filled with beautiful images of families who have been loved and encouraged by the Bridges Parenting Program.
Please take a look at the video below to see me working with one of our families and to learn more about Bridges and the calendar. *give it a few minutes to load. 

Bridges Calendar Promotional from Bridges Parenting Program on Vimeo.

You can make a donation to Bridges Parenting Program and receive your calendar HERE AT THIS LINK
A HUGE thank you to all of the beautiful Mothers, Fathers and their awesome little ones for blessing my life in so many ways. From Left to Right:  
Laura and Juliette, Joum and Penelopy, Zury and Linsey, Ana and Victoria, Danielle, Ricky and Lil' RJ, Wendy, Snoya and Micah, Marisa and Julian, Natalie and Adrian, Alexis and Andie, Melissa and Zion, Rebekah, Abby and Daniel, Stephanie, Patrick and Sophie, Nicole and Audrey, Megan, Marquis, Jeremiah and Sophia, Courtnie, Travis and Travis Jr., Sylvia and Kataleya, Melinda, Alicia, Lawence and Leah.  
You can view images from some of their sessions on the blog by by clicking here
I have a few more people to give a HUGE thank you to:  
Charity, the amazingly talented woman behind the Bridges Parenting Program who without her, we wouldn't have this program or the calendar. Mike, our project manager and encourager. Ryan, our extremely talented video guy who has the patience of a saint and produced the awesome promo video for us! Our baby whisperers Amy P. and Brenda, your calming touch made a world of difference. My husband, who has been there for me this entire time to encourage me along the way and be patient. Our church family, for all of their prayers and encouragement. And finally, my own family, dear friends, clients and mentor, without your love, encouragement, patience and support and prayer, this project wouldn't have come to fruition.  
My hope for this project is that we can raise awareness and funding as well as bring in new volunteers for the Bridges Parenting Program. I also pray everyone who receives of these beautiful calendars will experience all the blessings life has to offer and that you will pray daily for all of the families we worked with this summer and will continue to work with.  
To make your donation to Bridges Parenting Program and receive our 2014 Unexpected Blessings Calendar, CLICK HERE! 
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