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New Leather Craftsmen Album: The Family Heirloom

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We are so excited to share this brand new album here on the blog! We were able to deliver it to our clients last week and it is now proudly displayed in their family room for everyone to see.  
Something that we truly love to do for our clients is to design a custom album with their favorite images from a recent session. These albums are meant to be displayed in your home and enjoyed by all of your loved ones. And then, they are meant to be handed down to all the future generations of your family for them to enjoy.  
This 10x10 album was hand crafted by our most favorite album vendor on the planet, Leather Craftsmen. The finalization of the album wouldn't have been possible if it weren't for Wanda at LC West who walked me through the process of ordering a custom logo die for our client. That's right folks! This client has opted to have the first initial of their last name on every album going forward. What an awesome way to truly showcase your family heirlooms and making it your own.  
We are looking forward to designing many more family heirlooms for our clients and if you like the idea of having an initial or last name on your albums, let us know. We will have a sample of this album in the studio in a few weeks for you all to see in person. It is gorgeous!!!!!
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