Apr. 8, 2013 101 in 1001, Our Life

Checking In Vol. XXI - Spring Flowers

It's a brand new week and all of the spring flowers are blooming perfectly. It's been crazy around here with being sick, planning David's 50th birthday party, going to our PRIDE classes and photographing one of my favorite cuties two days in a row, whew!  
Enjoying: The look and smells of Spring! The flowers below are from my Mom's garden and she is so excited about how many Iris' bloomed this year. And randomly, about 7 sunflowers sprouted up in her side yard this year. And the smells? Our back yard is so fragrant right now with the grapefruit tree and jasmine blooms.  
Watching (ed): The DVR recorded a new Masterpiece Classic series, Mr. Selfridge.. Has anyone watched it yet? Being a former retail gal, I am loving it. When he moved the fragrances to the front of the store to entice the women to come in, genius! That's exactly how a lot of department stores have been set up in years past.  
Currently Reading (ed): My notes from WPPI. I don't normally read all of my notes right when I return, as I let everything sink in and then I start to process all of the ideas and thoughts.  
Looking forward to: This coming weekend is our very last PRIDE class. It has been a whirlwind of a journey, waking up early every Saturday morning, driving out to San Bernardino (not the coolest place on the block) and then coming home emotionally and physically exhausted.  
Thankful for: All of our amazing friends that came over on Saturday night to celebrate David's birthday. I'll share images from the party soon.  
Listening to: The birds outside my window, singing happy tunes now that the random spring storm has passed.  
Have a great week!
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