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Edna + Bob

Meet Edna and Bob!
They've been married for 50 1/2 years and are two of the founding members of our church, Life Bible Fellowship Church here in Upland. My sweet friend Lisa asked me if I could photograph Edna and Bob to commemorate their love for one another and the journey they are on. We pray daily for Edna that she will win the battle with cancer and be cured! She is such an amazing woman and has remained so strong, even in the darkest of days. Her faith in the Lord and the love of her awesome husband keeps her going and keeps all of us going. 
We all love you Edna and Bob and pray for you daily! Thank you for everything you bring to our lives and to our church! Enjoy all of the images! Love, Tira J
We did the portraits out on Euclid Ave, which is a beautiful place to shoot by the way, and Bob brought along his 1930 Ford Model A and handsome pup Cookie!
Bob has had this car since he was 15 years old.
And Cookie, he was such a great sport!
Aren't they so great? So in love!
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