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New Leather Craftsmen Albums: Photo plate covers & Slipcases

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There is something about the beauty of a leather album that has been made by hand, made with love, and that showcases some of your favorite images from a recent portrait session.  
We LOVE LOVE LOVE offering Leather Craftsmen Heirloom Albums to all of our clients and recently received some new samples in the studio. Many people have already seen these beauties in person, fell in love and splurged on one for themselves. These albums are by far the best investment you can make in your family memories and are meant to be handed down to many generations to come.
We are so excited to show off our new album with the photo plate cover! This new cover makes the images so vibrant and completely leap off the album. The photo plate cover is hand crafted just like the rest of the albums are worth the wait! The spine is Euro Gray leather with silver imprinting.
Take a look at the image above and below to see how thick and awesome this cover is!
We also received another new beauty in the studio, and it has been called a few funny names, behemoth, big daddy album, monster album, beautiful and amazing! 
It is our new 11x14 family album! I put it at the bottom of the stack of albums so you can see how large it is compared to the 10x10 and 8x10 albums.
This album has Euro Wine Leather for the Spine and Euro Sand for the cover.  
I love how awesome the images look for a full spread!
The other new album we received is a gorgeous 10x10 black newborn album from Travis' session with us.  
Another new offering and upgrade we have added to our product line is the slipcase for all of the albums. These are perfect for the families who maybe don't have a lot of space on a coffee table to display the books and want to keep a few volumes in a bookcase. If you don't have a slipcase for your album, you must store it laying flat, or the spine will start to sag.
He's so handsome!
Love the thick pages in every single album!  
A HUGE thank you to Davis from Leather Craftsmen assisting us with these albums. Thank you Leather Craftsmen for creating such beautiful albums! We are so happy to be working with you guys!
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