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Canvas Gallery Wraps - Our walls!

I'm sure you have heard the phrase, "the cobbler's kids have no shoes" or "photographers are the worst at sharing their own photos". It is all true! We are so busy making sure our clients have their images to display, that we sometimes forget about ourselves.  
This past fall, David and I had our holiday portraits done by our friend Amber Fox. When I hired Amber for this project, I shared with her my ultimate goal, and that was to proudly display some canvas prints in our home. One thing that I love to see when doing a collection of canvas prints is the consistency in the images whether it is the light, color, background or all of the above.  
We have some HUGE walls in our current house and we really need to continue to fill them up. So, I finally found time to order our canvas wraps for the entry way. I also thought it was time for clients to see our personal canvas prints along with the ones in the studio.
This collection is a 20x32 canvas wrap and three 10x13 canvas wraps.  
I need to stop and give credit to Ariana Falerni from Photographers Wall Displays for creating templates that truly help make these walls possible. Ariana is super talented and is the sweetest gal ever. She featured our living room in a video on her website last year and if you want to see it, you can click here.  
*Photographers, if you want to help your clients get a true vision of how their images can look over a couch, in their bedroom, the kiddos play room or even in a hallway, you must check out her templates. We know that all of our clients who see the recommendations get amazed that an 8x10 isn't so big any longer.
See? Big Walls!
We chose to add black around the edges of the canvas just like a lot of our new client canvas wraps in order to give them a finished look.
This canvas collection is called the Elegance Collection and is available to our clients in the The New Tira J Boutique 
*Thank you Amber for helping my dream become a reality! We love you!
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