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The WPPI Recap - Pics w/ my iPhone

This is a LONG overdue post, but I am finally getting it done. It was my very first WPPI, and what a memorable time it was. I need to do my WPPI recap in two posts. This one will be the fun, social and photographic post, and the next one will be the business, what I learned post. I didn't take my big girl camera to Vegas since I wasn't doing any shoots. It was so nice not having to stress out about it, and lugging it around. Thanks [b] for that advice.  
I wasn't even sure that I was going to be able to travel to Las Vegas for WPPI until a few days before. My Mom was having some health issues, and I just couldn't leave if we weren't sure what was going on. Our prayers were answered and we later found out that she was going to be okay, so the trip was finalized. I drove over to Vegas (it's only a 3 1/2 trip from our house) on Saturday afternoon. I had to be in Vegas bright and early Sunday morning for my first class that started at 9 a.m. So, my sweet friends Jeff, Rhonda and Zachary let me stay with them Saturday night, and we had a blast.  
Las Vegas truly is the city that never sleeps. I believe I lost 5 pounds, which was nice from all the non-stop activities. I was super diligent about going to almost every single one of the classes I planned to attend, which is HUGE! Will I go to Vegas for WPPI again? Absolutely! Will I venture out to all of the crazy parties? Maybe not. That took a lot out of me.
Here are the details behind the images above. Left to Right, Top to Bottom.  
1. Beckerwas behind me by about 45 min. on our trek to Vegas. Somehow, Ashley and Becker caught up to me and we met at the Mad Greek for lunch.  
2. Me and my little friend Zachary in front of the Las Vegas sign. We had to rush in and out of their because Elvis was singing at a wedding, and there was a ginormous bridal party trying to get their pictures done. It was crazy! 
3. Fremont Street Experience. Not the safest part of town to be hanging out in, but thankfully Jeff drove us over there. It was a pretty cool light show. 
4. Rhonda, Jeff, Zachary and me at Fremont Street. Zachary was a trooper that night. We walked up and down the strip, stopped for dinner before the light show. Next time, I think I want to do the zip line experience. 
5. Ah! My sweet friendMary Marantz, who I just adore. I adore her hubby Justin too. If you have heard these two speak.....then you know how awesome they are.  
6. My roomie JJ, who was so wonderful to let me stay with her. And I even stayed an extra night so I didn't have to drive through the desert in the dark. We agreed that we would treat ourselves to one really nice dinner while we were in Vegas, so this was us before we went out.  
7. Our view from Scarpetta at the Cosmopolitan Hotel Our nice dinner not only included the beautiful view of the fountain at the Bellagio, but we also had a star sitting next to us.  
8. Ah yes, the one party that I went to, which kept me out way too late was Airplanes and Blazers. Don't ask me how they come up with the crazy names. All I can say, it was super fun to dance late into the night, and see friends from all across the country under one roof having a great time.  
9. Remember that small world? Well,Dave and Luke Edmonson taught a master class at WPPI, so I went to introduce myself to them. All I said was, "Hi, my name is Tira and I'm great friends with the Killions". I received the biggest hug from Dave. Dave (on the right) has been close friends with Jennie's Dad for 40 years. They are two very talented wedding photographers in Dallas.  
10 & 11. Our friends David Willis and Joe Fiore from Leather Craftsmen. JJ and I spent a lot of time at the LC booth learning about the unlimited design possibilities with these gorgeous images, and getting to know them better.  
12. Me with the super fun, talented, crazy and gorgeous, Bobbi of Bobbi and Mike. If you haven't tried her awesome album templates, what are you waiting for? 
13. JJ being silly on the walkway back to our room.  
14. On my trek home, I needed to stop and get gas in Barstow and paid $4.49 a gallon. Highway robbery if you ask me.  
15. HOME! 
16. The beginning of my WPPI detox. Not that I ate a ton of junk food in Vegas, I just needed to get back on track.  
Okay, this image is pretty cheesy, but we did it for fun! A few of the booths at the trade show had photo booths. Roomies!
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