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Will you shoot my wedding?

The answer to that big question is sadly, no!  
It's true, we used to photograph weddings a few years back, and since then, we (David and I) made the decision to stick to doing portraits of newborns, children, seniors and families. While we enjoyed photographing weddings, we found that they were a lot of work since we were also working full time outside of the photography business. It put a lot of stress and pressure on our home life, health and business. Please do not get me wrong, having the opportunity to document the love a couple has for each other on their special day is so amazing, and to then have the opportunity to document their growing families is even more amazing. Sadly, we just can't be the everything photographer to everyone.  
I have had the distinct honor to work with and learn from some of the BEST wedding photographers in the industry. Justin and Mary Marantz, [b]ecker, Jasmine Star, Melissa Jill and Zach and Jody Gray. I will never ever be able to repay each of them for what I learned about wedding photography. All that I learned from them, I've been able incorporate into my portrait business which has been invaluable. And if I ever get the opportunity to second, third or fourth shoot a wedding with them, I'll be there! I've shot a wedding with [b]ecker and had the best time! If you are wondering why I would still want to do that, well it's because it's fun, and it's great to stretch yourself in other areas of photography once and a while.  
The image above is of Katie and Nick from 2009. Still a fave!  
I belong to an awesome network of photographers where you can find a wedding photographer who may meet your needs. That network is The [b]School, and at this link , you can look for a photographer in your area! If you are a photographer and you aren't a part of the [b]school, you are truly missing out. Some of the biggest names who I mentioned above contribute regularly to the forums and even share leads with other photographers.  
If you are a photographer who is still trying to be that everything photographer like I was a few years back, I encourage you to really sit down to discover your niche and photograph what you love. I've seen way too many websites where photographers are shooting weddings, engagements, boudoir, babies, kids, families, pets, seniors, special events and the list goes on until you are ultimately stretched beyond belief. When you are able to narrow down that niche, you will ultimately be able to give your clients the service they deserve. Hence the reason they are hiring YOU!!! I am proud of the decision I made a few years back to not photograph weddings any longer, and I am also honored to pass along work to my friends who do shoot weddings, as they do the same with family portrait work, etc.  
Enjoy your weekend!  
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