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New Organic Bloom Frames & Wall Displays

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*Effective July 15, 2014 we will no longer be offering Organic Bloom frames as a product offering. If you are one of our clients who has ordered OB in the past, please contact us directly if you are interested in purchasing more. Thank you so much!  
Over the past few weeks,we made the transition to a new frame vendor. The previous vendor wasn't working out for us in regards to product quality, shipping, and client service. Now that we have all of that figured out, we are now offering The Organic Bloom Frames to all of our wonderful clients, past, present and future!  
David and I are thrilled with all of the amazing opportunities Organic Bloom has to offer. I am still waiting for the new frames in the studio, and I can tell you that you will not be disappointed. Mr. & Mrs. Bloom give the best service, and their products are wonderful! I recently invested in Photographers Wall Displays newest goodies for the Organic Bloom frames, and I was literally drooling as I was putting a wall together for a client. Ariana always delivers an outstanding product, and thanks to her, my clients get a better visual of what their images can potentially look like on their walls.
The wall display above has the following frames and colors: 1 15x30 Audrey in Dragon Fruit, 1 10x10 Ellie in Pink Hydrangea, 1 10x10 Gilligan in Pink Hydrangea, 1 10" Johnny in Mint and 1 11x14 Mary Ann in Dragon Fruit.
The wall display above has the following frames and colors: 2 8x10 Cary Grant Double Stacks. Inner color is Lime and the outer color is Pumpkin. 1 8x10 Lucy in Pumpkin.  
The wall display above has the following frame and color: 1 20x30 Lewis in Autumn Spice
The last one is my favorite, because I was able to incorporate all of the kiddos colors with their pictures. Cedar - Red, Jeremiah - Yellow, Jordan - Blue and Jonah - Green.  
The wall display above has the following frames: 1 Mary Ann 12x18 Twin Double, 1 Meg 5x7, 1 Johnny 5", 1 Lucy 8x10 Double Stack, 1 Lewis 5x5, 1 Audrey 11x17, 1 Lewis 5x5, 1 Ellie 8x10, 1 Eva 5x10, 1 Fonzie 5x10, 1 Cary Grant 8x10. The colors used were: Flamenco Red, Azure, White, Clover Leave and Buttercup.  
*If you are interested in ordering some of these gorgeous frames, please contact me.
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