Sep. 12, 2011 Our Life

Checking In, Vol. XV, I'm better when I'm busy!

Yes, it's true. I am more productive when I have more on my plate, so bring it on! I think it has something to do with my Arranger strength.  
Enjoying: The cooler weather, and the fall dress code! Today, I am wearing long black pants! No shorts or capris on this girl.  
Watching (ed): Most of the Fox News 9/11 tribute specials yesterday. I still cry.  
Currently Reading (ed): Zach Prez' & Design Aglow's Social Media Handbook. It's 99 pages of wonderful! I am almost done reading it, and it is full of some awesome tips and tricks on how to continue to build a following via twitter and facebook. I'll be slowly making changes to my facebook page, so in the meantime, check it out and stay tuned for some fun. I'll be giving some great stuff away over the next few weeks to reach 1000 LIKES. 
Thinking about: The to do list that always gets bigger after I dry my hair. I have no idea how and why that happens. I have a note pad in my bathroom now to jot these epic ideas I get. Busy is better! 
Looking forward to: An upcoming trip to Colorado to photograph a beautiful family!  
Thankful for: Our new church home.  
Listening to: Amy Grant. I know, she has been around for a long time, but when a friend tweeted something about her, it just brought back all sorts of memories.  
Happy Monday! 
Here's a little sneaky peeky from a maternity session I am working on.
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