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My trip to Texas & The Gals

Last month, I had the opportunity to travel to Dallas for a Newborn Posing Mentoring/Workshop. I know, I am still catching up on all my blogging and editing. Clients first! I'll be posting more about the newborn workshop soon.  
#39 on the list! I was able to stay with one of my sweetest friends, Jennie, who was also my maid of honor. While I was in Dallas, I missed being home with David on our wedding anniversary, so staying with the maid of honor is the next best thing, right? We had a great time, and I was also able to spend time with my friend Angie, her husband Matt, and Jennie's sweet friends, Jen and Trista. I don't have any pictures of Angie and Matt, as it was a whirlwind visit, because it was the day I was leaving to come home.
L to R: Trista, Jen and Jennie
Jennie's first house was in Frisco Texas. If you can imagine, about 10 years go, there were no trees and barely any plants. Jennie doesn't live in this house any longer, as she lives in Plano. Frisco is so populated now, I didn't recognize it one bit.
One of our favorite things to do is to go out to the old Bethel Cemetery in Frisco to see if we can find the oldest tombstone, or the most beautiful. Things change over the years, and some of them had been moved, or broken. In the image above, and a few others, I was playing around with Totally Rad Actions.
I guess someone purchased the surrounding land and this is going to be a large memorial park/cemetery. Gotta love the signs.
The interesting thing about this tombstone, is that Higginbotham is the name of one of my favorite local parks in Claremont. Oh, and did you catch when Milton was born?
The image above and below were "enhanced" with TRA.
Okay, if you have been to Dallas, you must have been to Babes! This tractor is right out front.
You can only go to Babes on an empty stomach! It was delicious!
Out back, they had this great sign, so we made the best of it.
After dinner, we ventured out around this great area next to Babes, and the light was amazing! See gals, you just needed to trust me! Trista, you look fabulous.
And Jennie, you look amazing.
Jen, that color is fabulous on you.
My sweet friend Jennie, who has been in my life for almost 30 years!
Jen is a photographer, so I wanted to get some updated pictures of her for her website. She was so excited to be in front of my camera.
These gals have a lot of fun together, and have traveled the world together.
Thank you Jen, Trista and Jennie for a great evening and a great time in Dallas!  
*all images in this blog post were taken with my trusty Canon 24-105mm F/4L. I always travel with this lens and it never fails.
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