Mar. 28, 2011 Children

Happy '4th' Birthday to the Shahbaz Quads!

Today marks another milestone in the Shahbaz family! The Quadruplets are now 4 years old! Happy Birthday to the Fab Four!  
It's hard to believe how far they have come since they came into this world four years ago. Teeny tiny, many days spent in the NICU at UCLA, tons of love and support from hundreds of people, and of course, a boat load of prayer for this family that literally grew over night. If you have been around this blog for a while, you know how special this entire family is to us and how much joy every single one of them brings to our hearts.  
The image below is from their 4 Year Portraits we did last weekend, and it is also one that we blew up BIG for them to hang in their home. It's also a little sneak peek of the cuteness that is coming in a few days. Seriously, as the kiddos get older, each session is more fun. Of course, I cried when I gave it to them.
L to R: Jonah, Jeremiah, Cedar and Jordan.  
Amy shared this text with me last night and I wanted to share it with all of you with her permission.  
"I can't stop looking at the huge picture! Wow! I am amazed with how perfect the picture is but also with all the heart and care that stands behind the picture! I will always remember the meaning behind your sweet care and tears for our kids. Thank you for your investment in their lives and helping us remember their stages through your pictures. I do not know how you got the picture made in less than a week, but am so humbled and grateful for all the generosity, care and time that you invested to make it all happen. Bless you friend!" 
The image below is from their birthday party which was so much fun!
More Shahbaz cuteness is coming soon!  
Happy Birthday to my special little friends, I love you so much!
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