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December Daily - Blogging Project

I have always been a photographer.  
Growing up, I always had my camera with me and begged my parents to get over to the local drug store so I could have my pictures printed, and then hand them out to my friends. Later on, scrapbooking fell into my lap. Actually, my dear friend Jennie got me into it and I mean into it! Her sister was a Creative Memories consultant, so I of course, bought all sorts of goodies from her so I could start making books that I could hand down to my kids and so on. And later, I tried out that Creative Memories consultant thing. I did say TRY. Jennie and I took scrapbooking to the nines in that whenever we would visit each other in Dallas or LA, we would visit some of the best scrapbooking stores and stock up for the winter. That is what one would think if you saw how much stuff we have accumulated over the years.  
I feel that taking pictures is by far, one of the most rewarding things, and the best gift you can give someone. Hence the reason I became a professional photographer. I want to capture those memories for others, so they have albums to look at 50 to 100 years to come. No, the albums I offer are not scrapbooks. They are custom leather albums that are considered heirloom gifts you would hand down throughout generations to come.  
The reason for this post really is to say that I came across Ali Edwards blog a few days ago, and she has a scrapbooking challenge in December. It's called December Daily, where she encourages people who scrapbook to document the 25 days leading up to Christmas.  
Well, I have decided to switch it up a bit and to see if this project will hold me accountable to blog every single day in December, and eventually beyond. There are a LOT of bloggers out there, and a lot of photographers who blog a lot. December is such an awesome month for so many reasons, so why not take advantage of all the things that are happening and blog about them?  
It's going to be called the December Daily Blogging Project. You can join me if you would like, no pressure at all. And you can use the # tag on twitter - #decdaily  
Lots of scrapbookers are using this tag as well, so I think it would be GREAT to encourage more and more people to do something consistently for a long period of time. Sort of like the 21 days of habit. 
If you are a blogger, and are going to participate in this challenge, use this hash tag too! #decdailyblog 
It starts tomorrow!!!
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