Nov. 25, 2010 Families

Tahoe Dog, Upland Portrait Photographer

Happy Thanksgiving!  
Guess this will kick off a tradition, there will always be a post related to my sweet neighbors, the Fraizers on Thanksgiving. Well, that's just how it worked out last year when Jerry and Kathy announced that Max was going to be a big brother to the most adorable Mr. Finn  
Meet Tahoe. He is our neighbors Siberian Husky and just may be the most spoiled dog on the planet. Jaison and Nancy wanted some new pictures of Tahoe before their session, which is coming up next on the blog. Isn't he handsome? He is actually Jaison's dog, but lives at Nona & Nono's house.
Does he look familiar? He is the owner of the red viper from the detailing post.
Such a good dog.
Obviously, he didn't want to be in a group photo.
Finnally! Isn't Nancy gorgeous? More of she and Jaison coming up.
I just love this one.
Again, he is one handsome dog.
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