Nov. 19, 2010 Children, Families

Saroughian Family, Glendale Family Photographer

I am seriously head over heels with this family! I fall in love with them even more every time we meet. To be given the opportunity to document their love, and the changes in each child is truly priceless. When I first met Celi, Arthur and their kiddos, the twins were just 6 months old and Myla was 3 1/2. You can click here to see some of their older sessions to see how much they all have changed. Now, the twins, Josiah and Isaac are 2 years old, and Miss Myla is 5 years old.  
*Celi & Arthur, thank you so much for inviting me to come back once again to photograph your beautiful family. Our alternative location was even more perfect, just like you guys. Love you all! Tira J. 
Our little super model in training...Miss Myla
Isaac & Josiah having fun.
So precious.
Josiah loved all the leaves our location had to offer.
Such a beautiful family!
Arthur and his boys.
My favorite Mother & Daughter image.
With multiples, there is always one serious one in the bunch. Oh Josiah!
We had so much fun with the chair! Celi with Isaac.
Josiah finally lightened up.
And Miss Myla, she is laughing all the time.
Precious girl.
So handsome!
Another handsome one!
Again, who's the serious one?
Just kicking back!
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