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Sandi DeMascio - Precious pictures!! Sweetness captured!  1-10-15, 10:53am
Stephanie - my vote for this beautiful family!  1-9-15, 4:27pm
Marsha - Gorgeous. Love them.  10-6-14, 10:37pm
Carrie Ullmer - Heart is melting over those sweet looks!!!  9-24-14, 8:27pm
Jean - A darling, happy family!!  9-24-14, 7:52pm
Kimberley - Oh, Tira! I love these!! Thank you for capturing our two crazy kiddos. They look so beautiful and sweet here! I like it! ;-) My favorite here is the two of them walking hand in hand. Such a beautiful image of what they do in life. But you did such a great job capturing their love for each other--and me! :) Thank you!  9-24-14, 6:48pm