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Jean - Darling family and Jonah, you ARE adorable!!  11-27-13, 12:46pm
Brianna Uhl - Adorable photos! Great job Tira.:)  11-26-13, 4:19pm
Aunt Laurie - What beautiful pictures! What a beautiful family!  11-26-13, 3:38pm
Debbie Deal - Love the photos. Grandma Debbie  11-26-13, 1:59pm
Kristin - Once again, Tira, you capture the family so well! these are beautiful!  11-26-13, 12:32pm
Patti Franssen - Love the pictures. They have a real and relaxed feel. Great subjects too!  11-26-13, 12:32pm
Erin Franssen - These are so beautiful :) Thank you Tira!  11-26-13, 11:39am