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Shauntel - pictures are amazing! Love this family!  11-22-13, 5:46pm
The Uhls - WOW! What a beautiful and blessed family in a cherished setting. It is such an honor to know these four beautiful people...and this unique moment was all photographed and captured by an amazing gift and talent! What a blessing to be able to capture God's plan at work!  11-20-13, 11:56pm
Jean - Such cute kiddos and a lovely family!  11-20-13, 3:03pm
Lori - What a beautiful family! Love the colors and coordinated outfits they chose. Euclid Ave. is beautiful!  11-19-13, 11:42pm
Erin - Great pictures! So fun. Congrats on your move. Beautiful family!!!!  11-18-13, 9:48pm