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Sylvia williams - What a beautiful family!! The photographer captured their true love and beauty! It's great to see Travis Sr smile so big!! #addictedtothebaby #proudgrandma..  7-20-14, 3:22pm
Theresa Brown - These pictures are so lovely you did a great job but I know it was not hard-working with the Brown family such a wonderful family and im Bless for them to be in my life.  8-9-13, 9:29am
Irene - What a precious moment being captured. Not only in vision but deep down. I keep coming back to see these pictures over and over ......  8-8-13, 12:05am
Larry Williams - Hey guys nice pics.. Good lookin family!  8-3-13, 1:27am
Dave macfoy - Luv it....  8-1-13, 4:24pm
IVETTE HERNANDEZ - The Brown Family picture is Beautiful! They look like they belong on Family TV show!!  8-1-13, 12:09pm
Tawny - Such a great looking family.  7-31-13, 11:36pm
Lauren - AWWWWWWWW! Hi Cousin you have a beautiful family!!! And these are beautiful pictures love you much and many blessings!!! :D  7-31-13, 9:24pm
Clarence Mabon - Travis God has blessed you with the greatest gifts a man can receive, a family! Take very good care of them son. Love ya.  7-31-13, 3:01pm
ebony Henderson - Wow beautiful pictures they look like paid actors...  7-31-13, 1:01pm
Ann Kelly-Brown - What breath taken pics of a beautiful family! Kudos to the photographer for capturing priceless moments.... Antoinette  7-31-13, 12:48am
Lia Adams - Such a beautiful family!! Little¬†Peanut Is so¬†Adorable!!  7-31-13, 12:19am
Liz Monfort - Amazing pics of a beautiful family! The clarity & colors are top notch, very nice!  7-30-13, 8:15pm
M Villaluz - Beautiful family! Great pictures ! Very special.  7-30-13, 8:12pm
Barbara (Mama Jean) - Beautiful!!! My beautiful family!!  7-30-13, 7:25pm
Donna Ross - Great photos!!  7-30-13, 6:50pm
Wendy - Congratulations Travis - what a beautiful family. May blessings continue to be around you all! What terrific pictures!! Treasure these moments!  7-30-13, 6:44pm
Rita Williamson - Best photo I seen since my twins where born  7-30-13, 6:41pm
Jodi Brown - Amazing photographs and wonderful family! The quality of the shoot and the captured expressions are priceless!  7-30-13, 4:56pm
Shanshan - What a happy family filled with love and joy!!! Great pictures which make me smile.   7-30-13, 2:19pm
Angela - Oh my! What lovely photos! I sure hope that my studio copies are on the way...  7-30-13, 1:31pm
Pamela Taylor - These pictures are so beautiful. What a lovely family!  7-30-13, 11:26am
Tamara Roque - Beautiful Family!!!! Great pictures!!!!!  7-30-13, 11:22am
Sonya (Vette) - Very amazing pictures, they are all beautiful.  7-30-13, 11:13am
Renisha - You guys are a very beautiful family!  7-30-13, 12:39am
Seandee Brown - Love it!! So cute!! :-)  7-29-13, 2:27pm
Lisa Williams - The pics are lovely and most captivating. What a beautiful family :)  7-27-13, 5:16pm
Ann - What a beautiful blessing  7-27-13, 2:34pm
Toni Howard - The Brown Family. A picture is worth a thousand words. The background captures that this family is so loving, caring, vibrant and full of life. Love u guys. I'm sure Tira is doing the wedding photos.#exquisitework.  7-27-13, 12:32pm
Candace Brown - I'm truly blessed to be a part of this babies life!!! He's so photogenic and perfect! I absolutely love these family photos. Great photography work!!!! Great family!!! Keep up the good work Browns!!!  7-27-13, 4:02am
Jeanette Heald - These pictures are amazing. You captured the joy between them and those wonderfully curious eyes of junior (not to mention senior's smile). Great job! The Brown family looks amazing.  7-27-13, 2:13am
Nikko Campbell - I absolutely love the Brown photos. Beautiful family. I need to book an appointment for my family.  7-27-13, 12:40am
Charlean Simmons - Beautiful family. Love this baby!!  7-27-13, 12:07am
Travis Sr. - Love them! Thank you so much..  7-26-13, 10:42pm
Charity - Beautiful family! I love the father son pictures!  7-26-13, 10:38pm
Irene Flores [Reeny] - My oh my, my gorgeous friend and her BEAUTIFUL family. The pics came out amazing.  7-26-13, 10:36pm
Dennisha Williams - This woman is amazing I will be definately going to her! My lil sister and her family just looks so beautiful!!  7-26-13, 10:27pm
Vanessa Hunt Bolin - I absolutely love the photos of the Brown family!! Ms. Tira you've done a super fantastic job capturing these precious moments of my niece and her beautiful family!!!!!  7-26-13, 10:24pm
Courtnie - I love them all!!! Thank you!  7-26-13, 9:59pm