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StephO - Now I understand. Glad you are still standing! Hoping for a better next month for you! =)  7-28-10, 11:30pm
Kelli - Well, congratulations on your beautiful new appliances, I'm just sorry for the drama it took to get you there. I am very happy that the vanilla worked for you!  7-27-10, 1:23pm
Marissa Rodriguez - Oh my gosh Tira! I hate months like that! Sorry to hear about all of that but I'm so happy it ended with your anniversary :) I hope you have a great day and an even better month coming up :)  7-27-10, 11:58am
Amber Fox - Gosh, you have a busy time of things! When it rains it pours! So Tira, we need to have lunch soon, before school starts up again. I will shoot you an email later this week, so we can set up a lunch date and talk seniors. :)  7-26-10, 12:37am