May. 29, 2009 Children, Families

The Saroughian Family

Can I just say that I absolutely love it when a client and his/her family commissions me to come back to do more portraits of their family? I LOVE IT!  
Celi and Arthur asked me to come back this past weekend for another session with their little ones. Isaac and Josiah are 8 months old now and Myla is turning four years old SOON! She is counting the hours until her big day of being a 4 year old. This time around went even better with Celi and her family because we were used to each other and it felt like I was a good friend stopping by for the afternoon. My favorite feeling in the world!!  
Myla was her super energetic self for the afternoon and wanted to make sure Miss Tira took her pictures inside the "Jungle" also known as the far corner of the back yard. We even took the official Tira J chair back there so she could say that it made it to the Jungle. Oh Myla, how I love you and your imagination!  
Issac and Josiah are getting so big and from the moment I walked in the door, I think they maybe knew I was there to take their picture. Okay, maybe not, but they were still okay with me holding them and taking their pictures. And you can see how much they have changed from the last time I visited to this past Sunday. Wow! Their personalities are starting to come out and their smiles are so full of life that you want to just pinch them. And, you can definitely tell them apart now. Love those boys!  
Celi and Arthur ~ thank you so much for inviting me to come back to document your amazing family! You are all so wonderful and I can't wait to see how much the boys change for our next time together. And for when Myla becomes a big 4 year old. Love you all! ~ Tira J. 
Mr. Isaac aka Mr. Smiles!
Mr. Josiah, he didn't want to let go of this water bottle.
Super amazing Miss Myla! She is in the "Jungle" in the back yard.
How often do you get all five family members to look at the camera, especially when three of them are under 5!  
Love this family!
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