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Abby + Sidney

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God is so GOOD!!!!!  
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Meet Abby and Sidney! These two precious little girls belong to one of my dearest friends Lori and her husband Brian. Who ever would have thought that when we first became friends over 30 years ago at Longden that we would be here today and now have the opportunity to raise our kiddos together. You know you’ve been friends for a really long time with someone when they can finish your sentences, laugh at the simplest things, read your mind and know when your heart needs a hug. Our long time friendship has sustained those crazy high school boy crushes, friendship bracelets and pins, letters passed in the halls, boyfriends, car accidents, short hair cuts, remodeling houses like grown ups, weddings, miscarriages, deaths and now….births! Our lives have come completely full circle over the years and I was over the moon excited when I got to photograph Lori and Brian’s twins, Abby and Sidney. These girls have been longed for, prayed for and loved for so many years before we knew. God knew! Of course, I cried while photographing Abby and Sidney because I am just so happy for my friends! Honestly, happy is just the icing on the cake about what a blessing these two little girls are.  
Thank you Lori and Brian for the incredible opportunity to photograph your two sweet blessings! What an honor. I hope you all know how much we love you guys and we can’t wait to navigate parenthood with you. Hugs, Tira & David 
Sweet Sidney
Abby and Sidney came into the world a few weeks early, so even though they were 6 weeks old, their adjusted age was actually two weeks. They rocked their session!
Adorable Abby!
Swooning over how well they did!
Happy Family!
Oh and have I mentioned that I LOVE it when Grandma's come to a newborn portrait session? Lori's Mom Sara was in town from Montana and I was so excited to get her in some of the pictures.
I have a lot of favorites, but this one might be at the top!
Three generations.
Love you guys!
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