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Happy 6th Birthday Max...thanks for teaching me!

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Six years ago today, our neighbors and friends welcomed a sweet little boy into the world. Maxwell Bryant.  
If you've been hanging around here for a while, you've been able to see Max and now his little brother Finn grow up in front of my camera. It has been a true honor to be given the opportunity to document this little mans life for the past 6 years and I look forward to doing it for another 12 years until we send him off to college! Yes, I did just say that!  
I wanted to do a special post today not only for Maxwell's birthday, but to share how photographing a little one each year of their life is so incredible. To be able to give his parents these memories that they will treasure for a lifetime and then his own kids will cherish means the world to me. I truly love what I do. I also wanted to write a quick note to Max about what he's taught me over the past 6 years. Scroll down to read the note and see a collage I made of images from most of his sessions over the years.
Dear Max.  
Six years ago today, your Nono and Nonalina hired me to be your photographer as a gift to your parents. We had only been in business a few years and I was thrilled to have the opportunity to be YOUR photographer. I barely knew your parents when you were born, but knew your Nono and Nonalina very well since we live next door to them. When it came time for your newborn session, you were already a month old. Looking back to what I know now about photographing newborns, we shouldn’t have waited that long, but hey, we did it! You cried the entire time and boy, did you have some lungs on you. Nonalina finally got you to settle down after you were fed and we were able to get some great images of you. I had only photographed a few newborns before you and knew that eventually I would have a heart to photograph them on a regular basis.  
Over the next few years, we all worked so hard to get you to smile for us as you started to grow up. You gave us some of the craziest looks and probably wondered what in the world are these crazy adults doing? I get it! I was wondering the same myself. Little did I know that in order for you to smile for me, I just had to call you Maxey, and make the craziest faces! It was just you and me kid! We eventually figured out a rhythm. One of the most precious pictures I have is of you with your great grandmother who went to heaven a few weeks ago. She was a kindred spirit and loved you so much. I am glad that you will have this picture when you grow up so you can share it with your family one day. And then you started to walk! Oh boy! I think I might have lost 5 pounds during those sessions when you figured out how to use those chubby legs of yours. As you started to grow up, your fun loving personality started to come out. You had and still have the sweetest spirit about you and those blue eyes of yours, I just love them!  
Now, fast forward to today. As I look back at all of the images I have taken of you, one thing is clear: You have pushed me to become a better photographer, business owner and person. I am thankful for you Max! Without you, I may not be here today. I am thankful to your parents and grandparents who hired me 6 years ago to be your Miss Tira!  
I love you Maxey! Happy Birthday!
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