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Dr. Jennie: The Hooding Ceremony

She has worked hard for this day to come for the last three years, well, actually her entire life. It has always been her life long dream to earn a degree from the University of Southern California. Her Grandfather and Father are both alumni of this great institution and she wanted to follow in their footsteps to fulfill this dream. Last Thursday afternoon, the sun was high in the sky, the temperature was in the mid 80's, and for Southern California, that is just right, but when you mix a little humidity in there, it makes it a little uncomfortable. Especially for all of the graduates wearing their regalia (not choir robes).  
The first event for Jennie's big moment was the hooding ceremony. This is when you are invited up on the platform, have your name read, and then the faculty members who stood by your side throughout the entire journey, place the hood over your head. The history of regalia can be found here. When I earned my Master's degree, Jennie told me that the hooding ceremony was more important and more meaningful than the actual commencement, even though that is when your degree is conferred. It's almost a right of passage in the land of academia. By earning your Masters or Doctorate, it signifies that you have studied your subject in depth and have met all of the requirements. When earning a doctorate, the student not only receives a hood as part of their academic regalia, but also a tam, which is the hat they wear and a beautiful gown that is custom made for each student if they choose to front that type of money.  
The Hooding Ceremony for the Rossier School of Education was a wonderful event and it was great to meet the other people in Jennie's group, and the chair of her dissertation committee, Dr. Datnow.  
Dr. Killion walking in for the hooding ceremony.
Jennie with two of her classmates.
Jennie's entire group! Yes, they are all Dr's! Contrary to what the woman at Costco thought when Jennie picked up the cake for her graduation party on Saturday.
Dr. Amanda Datnow (Jen's Dissertation Chair), Dr. Jennie Killion and Dr. Karen Simms Gallagher (Dean of the Rossier School of Education).
The best part of the hooding ceremony was at the end when some members of the band came in to play the Fight Song!
Dr. Jennie with her parents, Jim and Kathi.
Jen's sister Jill flew in just for the hooding ceremony and graduation.
Jennie's grandmother, Wanda.
I am so proud of my friend! Thanks Jen for inviting me!
Dr. Killion with Dr. Datnow.
Dr. Jennie and Dr. Hasmik
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