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Ianville & My Lego Studio

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I'll admit, I'm a complete sucker when it comes to doing things for our friends kids, especially when it involves taking pictures of things that are totally outside of the norm.  
Our friend Ian is addicted to Legos! I mean, when we asked him what he wanted for Christmas he said, "Legos, Legos, Legos!" A few months ago, he was showing me all of his Legos and I had said, "you've got enough for a complete town and you should call it Ianville and we should take some pictures". Tira, you are a sucker! 
Fast forward to a few weeks ago, he asked me when we were going to take pictures of Ianville and I said, Friday! It was the last Friday of his Christmas break. I called Ian on the phone to schedule the time. Mind you, he's eight years old, so planning something on his calendar was pretty easy. I showed up to his house and there were Legos everywhere! We trucked them all outside to his driveway and set up Ianville and I began to take pictures of his masterpieces. A huge thank you to his big sister Brianna who helped transport Legos all afternoon.  
One of his favorite sets is displayed below and that is The Mine.
Watching Ian play with Legos hours on end is fascinating. His imagination and creativity run wild and the things he can create with a simple plastic block are incredible. And rest assured, I am sure he and his friends are all set to go see the new Lego Movie that opens up on February 7th. I have a feeling we will all go see it, because it does look pretty cool.
My favorite is below.
And here you go! Ianville! Almost all of his Lego sets displayed in the driveway!
I had a number of images printed for Ian so he could put them up in his room and this blog post is just a sample of our little project. The day after I gave Ian his pictures he tracked me down at church and said, "Miss Tira, this is for you! It's your photography studio". Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you my very own Lego Studio! He made this just for me. You can see that the "Lego Lady" aka Miss Tira is holding a camera and even has blonde hair! And she's got a computer, just like I have in my studio. I had tears in my eyes after he gave this precious gift to me and it's now proudly displayed in the studio next to the computer. Thank you Ian.
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