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Checking In Vol. XXV - This Weather

When is winter coming? I'm not going to lie, I love the warmer 70+ degree weather, but right now, it's supposed to be winter and we really need some rain. If we don't get rain soon, we will be in some serious drought conditions. We already are, but it's only going to get worse and they may start rationing our water. Yikes!  
Here's a quick installment of checking in for this fine Monday morning: 
Enjoying: A break! This month has been all about catching up around the house both personally and professionally. Cleaning out cupboards, donating things we won't need or want any longer and closing out 2013.  
Watching (ed): FOOTBALL! Those were some great games yesterday. I am excited for the Denver Broncos to be going to the SuperBowl in a few weeks. I'll admit, I'm equally as excited for Pete and his Seahawks, but that darn guy Sherman and his potty mouth after the game ruined it for me. May the best team win.  
Currently Reading (ed): Catching up on some photography magazines and saving the articles that I may want to refer back to in a few years. There are a lot of great reads out there, but my two favorites are Click Magazine and Professional Photographers of America's Magazine 
Looking forward to: Creating a brand new client welcome packet for 2014. The past few months, I had resorted to sending out an online version of a welcome guide and found that our clients truly love to have something tangible to hold on to and refer to. I can't wait to share about it.  
Thankful for: Our friends who love us unconditionally!  
Listening to: Florida Georgia Line.  
Praying for: Our country. 
Here's a fun image from Jennifer and Patrick's session that I did back in November, along with the details about the image. I LOVED doing this session for Jennifer and Patrick and look forward to photographing more couples who want to get dressed up and document their love.  
Happy Monday!
Canon 5D Mark II EF 85 1.2/L mm lens, ISO 400, f/1.2 , 1/2000
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