Jan. 3, 2014 Our Life

Hey it's Friday!

It's the first Friday of the year and it feels like it's been a really long week, when in essence, it hasn't. Only because we had the New Year's celebrations in the middle of the week and feasted on way too much delicious food. Next week, the official "get healthy" routine begins because I'll finally be off the antibiotics and strong enough to do my 3 mile walk.  
Just like yesterday, , I've been going through some of my client folders from last year and finding pictures that maybe didn't get posted on the blog that are just too great to not share with you. This one is of our little pal Blair who is such a fun and kind spirited little boy! He is friends with some of our other little clients and watching them all interact with each other makes you smile! You can see more from Blair's session by clicking here.
I hope you have had a great start to the year so far and enjoy this beautiful day, where ever you are!
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