Oct. 28, 2013 Our Life

Checking In Vol. XXV - Getting there!

Here we go! It's the last week of October already! Where has the month gone? And this is the 25th installment of the Checking In Series! Crazy!  
I'm still catching up on editing and will be "hunkering down" this week to catch up. Having a cold last week and being down for the count wasn't fun. I absolutely HATE being sick.  
Enjoying: Rain? Yep, It's actually raining on and off today which is a nice change. I can handle the rain, as long as it is one day a week.  
Watching (ed): Let's see, the World Series, a few Breaking Bad episodes and lots of chick flicks as David would call them.  
Currently Reading (ed): I'm doing the Beth Moore study Psalms of Ascent with two of my sweet friends so it has been wonderful to spend time in the word. And for the month of November, our church has challenged us to read a Psalm every day.  
Looking forward to: Halloween! Seeing all the kiddos in their fun costumes!  
Thankful for: My sweet friends whom I can count on when in need.  
Listening to: The rain! It's not too cold outside and I have some of the window open for the fresh air.  
Praying for: One of my friends and her family who just lost her father yesterday after he fought a long battle with Cancer. Her father was one of my teachers when I was going to Pasadena City College after high school and he was a huge role model for me while I was in retail management.  
Below is an image of the Dillon Reservoir in Colorado. It's off the highway on the way back from Vail. It was SO BEAUTIFUL!!!! Almost looks like a postcard. It just may get printed for our home.  
Happy Monday!
*edit to add: Ihe image above was ONLY sharpened in Photoshop. I did NOT add any effects to the sun. 
Here are the camera, lens and image details: Canon 5D MarkII, 16-35mm f/2.8L II USM ISO 100 f/22.0 1/60
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