May. 28, 2013 Photography


I've been a photographer long enough to now say that I knew many of my clients when....they were just a glimmer of hope in their parents lives.  
Meet my friend Nathan, who is graduating from Upland High School next week. It's kind of crazy to think that we have only met in person a few times, but I've known him his entire life, because I've been friends with his parents for what seems like forever. Nathan will be going off to Azusa Pacific Universityin the fall and I am so excited for him and all of the great opportunities he will have to grow.  
The session wasn't going to be complete unless we incorporated his truck, (which was purchased back when his mom was first pregnant with him) and his dog Rocky. We had a blast during his session and I managed to get a lot of "chuckles" out of him!  
We are praying for you Nathan as you embark on this next part of life's journey! Tira J. 
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