May. 28, 2013 Our Life

Unconditional Love

Over the past 8 1/2 months, we have gone through a lot. We suffered a big loss in late October, started the adoption process in January and are now finally at a place where we can say life is good. We are encouraged daily by everything God puts in front of us. During this long journey, I put a few things on the back burner like photographing a newborn, because I needed to allow myself to grieve and grow. I know that I am not alone in this journey because I have had numerous friends tell me that they've gone through the same thing. We know that we would never have gotten to this place if it weren't for our amazing and loving family and friends.  
Yesterday, we were at our friends home for a Memorial Day BBQ and while we may have been the only couple there without children, it didn't matter. What mattered most was that every single person who attended this gathering loves each other unconditionally no matter what.  
Someone who I hadn't met before asked me which children were mine as I was taking pictures of them all goofing off in the pool and going down the slip and slide. I said, "all of them and none of them". We've had the privilege of photographing a number of the kiddos who were at this BBQ and it was such a great feeling to have the kiddos yell, "Miss Tira, look at me".  
If you aren't already a part of a community whether it is a church, book or wine club, where people can encourage and love you unconditionally, do it! It will be good for your soul!  
Happy Tuesday!
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