Feb. 27, 2013 Our Life

Don't be afraid.....take a leap!

Every day that goes by, I am extremely thankful that I get to do what I love, and that is to document the life, happiness, love and joy of families from all facets of life. Almost two years ago, I embarked on this journey as a full-time photographer and really haven't looked back. Yesterday, I was on campus having lunch with my former boss and good friend Todd. I absolutely love getting together with Todd because we can talk about everything under the sun and also challenge each other to be better people in this world. Todd was the person who had pulled me aside many months before I left and told me that it's okay to leave APU and spread your wings. Go and make a difference in this world. Well, I hope I am making a difference in this world. Lord knows that every day I try to make it better than the last and hope that others around me will do the same. Sometimes it's not easy.  
While I was on campus yesterday, I was in the office of another good friend. This friend has been there for about 20 years and has mentored both me and my husband in different areas of our lives. And now, she speaks in my Mom's Sunday School class. How's that for making an impact? Anyways, she has had many conversations with others who needed to be encouraged to go out and be the difference maker in their part of the world and now she is going to go out and do the same. I am excited for my friend and what she is going to be doing once she leaves campus. See, she's ready!  
The real reason for this post is to say that one should NEVER be afraid of what this world has to offer and that you will never know unless you try. I am so glad that I got that push to go out and pursue my dream. Yesterday, it was definitely confirmed that I made the right decision to take that leap! I'm no longer afraid to really share my thoughts, fears, goals, dreams and life here on the blog. For the longest time, I lived in this bubble of worrying about what everyone was going to think. This is my life, my business, my blog and my dream and I hope you will keep coming back to read more.  
If you have goals, dreams and aspirations of doing something you love, don't be afraid! I know of so many people who are "stuck" in different areas of their lives because they are afraid. And don't stay in one place because it is comfortable and safe. All that is nice, but take the leap of faith! 
Happy Wednesday!  
*no image today, I'm buried in a bunch of administrative stuff that needs to get finished. I promise, there is more fun stuff coming!
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