Feb. 18, 2013 Our Life

Checking In Vol. XIX Spring is coming

Wow! I did a session on Saturday and it was around 83 degrees! I was sweating and loving every single minute of it because that meant that Spring is on its way. Los Angeles was actually the warmest place in the entire country on Saturday. I can't get too excited, because we are expecting some cooler weather this week with more rain. Hey, I won't complain, because we need the rain so badly.  
Enjoying: The wonderful opportunities that have come over the course of the past few weeks. I am in awe of life sometimes.  
Watching (ed): Well, last night was the season finale of Downton Abbey. Have you watched it yet? I won't spoil anything. All I need to say is that I am ready for season 4 and for all of my friends to get caught up so we can talk about it. 
Currently Reading (ed): Hmm....well, this is a tough one, because I've been reading the latest issues of Professional Photographer Magazine I will get into a novel. Promise! 
Looking forward to: Traveling to a photography convention in a few weeks to catch up with old friends, meet some new ones and to learn more about this amazing industry I am part of. 
Thankful for: Good friends who are willing to give up their day off from work today to come along with me on the shoot of a lifetime!  
Listening to: The 2013 Grammy Nominees Album. We purchase it every year and it never disappoints.  
Have a great week!  
*Here's a little sneak peek from Saturday's session. Sweet Sisters.
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