Jan. 21, 2013 Our Life

Checking In Vol. XVIII: Back in the Saddle

It's still Monday so I thought I would get a quick Catching Up post done since it has been a while. Okay, a long while.  
I sort of feel like the last few months have been a blur with some personal stuff, the busy season and then the holidays. Today I finally came up for air with the feeling that I'm just about caught up and ready to conquer the world!  
Enjoying: The warm weather in January! Are you kidding me? 80 degrees. While I love the warmer weather, we still need a bit more rain please!  
Watching (ed): Downton Abbey! Enough said. It's so great! 
Currently Reading (ed): The manual for our new studio presentation software. Nothing too exciting. Well, it actually is for us.  
Looking forward to: A very special portrait session tomorrow. A friend planned it for some of her friends. I can't wait to share.  
Thankful for: Amazing friends and my wonderful husband who loves me unconditionally!  
Listening to: Some awesome photography podcasts. I've gotta say, I work with some incredible people in this industry.  
Have a great week!  
*I'll blog more images from our holiday time, but here is a fun image of my pal Joey riding his new bike last weekend.
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