Dec. 7, 2012 Children, Families

Mya + Owen

I've mentioned it so many times, but we just love this family! Russ, Amy, Owen and Mya are some great friends of ours, and it is always a true honor to have them in front of the camera. Owen just turned 8 a few weeks ago and Miss Mya will be 5 in a few weeks. It is so much fun to watch these kids change as the months go by. We had a ton of fun this time around. Lots of tickles and giggles, which is the way I like it. Enjoy!
Oh boy! Such a fun picture! Silly Owen!
Love these images of Amy and Mya.
Someone lost a few teeth!
Mya, you are such a beautiful girl!
Love this image of Russ and Mya!
Dudes in charge!
Not sure what Owen was thinking here, but I thought it was pretty funny!
This is how the conversation went. Owen says, "Miss Tira, please, please, please take a bunch of pictures of me jumping off these steps so I can put them up in my room!" No problem dude!
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