Sep. 11, 2012 Newborns

Zachary + Luke

I've been praying for these little guys before they were "fearfully and wonderfully made". Our dear friend Amber and her husband John welcomed their precious newborn twin boys into this world a few weeks back. I am truly honored to have had the opportunity to document just a sliver of their lives that will be well documented for years to come because their mama is an amazing photographer.  
Meet Zachary and Luke aka the Fox Twins!  
Luke is on the left and Zach is on the right.
Luke is in the image above and below. He has a little more fuzzy hair than Zach.
Zach is above and below.
All hail the Queen!
These hats were perfect, and just a tad big. They are going to look even more cute in them for their 6 month pictures!
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