Jun. 6, 2012 Children

Joey | Arcadia Children's Photographer

How in the world can you resist this face?  
My Mom, Joey, Joanne and I had a great time at the Arboretum a few weeks ago. I made it a point to go, not only to spend time with them, but to give my new Canon 70-200 f/2.8L IS II a whirl before I took it up to Montana! One of my friends said it was super super sharp and she wasn't kidding! I am in love!  
I LOVE going to the Arboretum for so many reasons. Mostly because it reminds me of ALL the times my parents took my brother and I there to explore, take pictures and enjoy life.  
If you've been to the Arboretum, I am sure you have seen a few Peacocks running around, but very rarely will you see the males to this!
Mom and Joey fed the peacocks a LOT of bread.
Joanne and Joey having fun!
I played a little here using Totally Rad Actions
Did I mention that this lens is SHARP? Details for the image above - 70-200 f/2.8L IS II 1/200 @ f/6.3 ISO 250
Joey is now known as the turtle whisperer! They all flocked to him for food.
This guy wouldn't give my Mom a break! He really wanted some bread.
A little history of this picture, my Dad took an almost identical image of my brother when he was a bit younger in the same exact location. Of course, the day my Dad took the picture, the sun was out and it was late afternoon, so the light was completely different. This was a fun memory to re-create. Now I need to find the SLIDE of that image so I can show you.
Love this little guy!
I love this picture of my Mom and Joey totally airborne!
My future assistant!
Here I go!
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