Jun. 1, 2012 Our Life

It started with 8 of them!

Here's a little sneak peek from a trip I made to the Los Angeles County Arboretum & Botanic Garden last week with my Mom, Joey and his Mama Joanne. I hadn't been there in a really long time so it was great to sort of re-live my childhood and try out a new lens. More on that later.  
If you have been to the Arboretum, or any place that has Peacocks, you know that seeing the males fan their feathers is a HUGE DEAL! Yes, the male peacocks are the pretty ones.  
The peacocks that are now living at the Arboretum are the direct descendents of the 8 original peacocks that were brought to California by "Lucky" Baldwin. To read more about the history of the Arboretum, click here. 
Happy Friday and have a beautiful weekend!
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