May. 15, 2012 Children, Families

Cedar, Jeremiah, Jonah & Jordan

They are FIVE!!!!!!  
Can you believe it? Jeremiah, Cedar, Jonah and Jordan turned five at the end of March.
I just adore these kiddos and as I tell Phil and Amy, each session just gets a little easier. We did their session a few weeks back on that Friday morning when it was about 90 degrees at 8 a.m. It was quite warm, but we all managed. And I'll say it again, I LOVE morning light at this location!  
Phil and Amy, thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving us the opportunity to continue to document Jeremiah, Cedar, Jonah and Jordan. You all bring so much joy to our lives and treasure each moment with you. We love you! Love, Tira J and David.
Sweet and tender hearted Mr. Jeremiah! I'll blog soon about the special gift he gave me at church on Sunday.
It's a good thing Miss Cedar has three brothers to watch over her! She's a knockout!
Mr. Jordan is feeling great and looks amazing! Please continue to pray for him!
Such a Jonah picture! He is ALWAYS laughing!
The Family!
We are FIVE!!!!!!
Yep, watch out!
Love you kiddos!
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