May. 9, 2012 Our Life

LIFE - The Holstee Manifesto

This was shared with me by one of my girlfriends a few weeks ago.  
The last few weeks of my life have been nothing short of amazing and also very challenging. I took the time to read the Holstee Manifesto again to help put things in perspective and bring me back to reality. If you haven't read this, please take some time to do so. My favorite part of this is "Do what you love and do it often". Amen! Holstee was featured on Mashable this week too. If you aren't following Mashable, you are missing out! Pete and his team are brilliant! The wealth of information that is shared on this website, twitter and facebook will keep you in tune with social media news, business, life, etc.  
Some of the things I am currently working on: editing some gorgeous family sessions, working with my sweet and awesome mentor and PPA Studio Management Services to kick some major tushy with my business over the next few months, and taking time for ME and my family!  
Happy Wednesday!
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