Mar. 26, 2012 Our Life

Checking In Vol. XV, Team Katniss & Gold Standard Catering

Ah! I am so late posting this for today. I got so wrapped up in two projects that I've been working on. I spent a long time on the phone today as well, so needless to say, it's still Monday right? Whew! Here's a quick installment of Checking In for this week.  
Enjoying: The SUN! Missed it yesterday and had to reschedule a family session due to the rain. Life happens.  
Watching (ed): Whose watching the new series Missing with Ashley Judd? Loving it. I've been on the edge of my seat since it started. Hope she gets to hug her son soon.  
Currently Reading (ed): I finally gave in and purchased the Hunger Games books. I did start reading it over the weekend and will do my best continue. One of my girlfriends, Lori keeps texting me to see if I've started and finished yet so we can go see the movie. I'll get there. Oh, and I'm Team Katniss! I never got into the Twilight series, so hopefully I can grasp this one. Can't believe how big of a weekend the movie had. Wow! 
Looking forward to: Wishing my favorite set of Quadruplets Happy Birthday tomorrow! Guess how old they are? FIVE!!!!! I'll be doing their 5 year session soon, once all the "baddies" as Jordan says, are gone.  
Thankful for: Rich from Gold Standard Catering. I hosted Bunco at my house last week and didn't have enough time open to plan for the meal, so we hired Rich to bring us some of his yummy food & bread pudding with whiskey butter sauce, which I am sure was fat free. Right? If you live in the Inland Empire or San Gabriel Valley area, you should try him out. The ladies couldn't stop talking about it. You MUST visit his website and give him a call. One of the super cool things he does is Dinner To You. This past weekend at our church, we had the women's breakfast, and Rich also catered it. Double yum, especially those potatoes! I am also excited to work with Rich on a few other projects. That's the neat thing about working with other small business owners, you can brainstorm together. Thank you Rich! 
Listening to: Actually, I've been sitting at my computer almost all day and never turned any music on. I became so engrossed in those projects that I never knew it was missing.  
Have a great week!  
Here are a few images of Rich and his yummy food.
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